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assorted thoughts from the dilettante

I’ve been thinking lately about the often alarming matter of being much too jumbled and disparate in my interests, and have come to the conclusion that:

– Writers love everything.

– Writers are the gatekeepers of vast and varied and often useless information.

– To succeed as a writer, one should strive to be a dilettante, in a most refreshing and resourceful way.

– I over-think everything. (This last is my own personal reprimand to myself, so feel free to ignore.)

I am no longer apologetic for the variations present in my life, such as they are. There are simply too many wonderful things around in the world to be explored, and I won’t shirk my curiosity for fear of straying from some make-believe niche that someone (quite possibly myself) told me I cannot do without. My primary loyalty is to my own thoughts and ideas, and I will continue to spout them forth – much to your chagrin, perhaps – so that I might have a place to air out everything in a relatively constructive way.

That being said, I’ll continue to blather on about the writing process. But other subjects might invariably wander their way in, in which case I’ll certainly welcome them and let them

stay. And then get back to the business of writing, and writing on writing, on topics such as:

A. The journey of an amateur novelist

B. The phenomenon of a blog and its benefits in curing writer’s block, which might bring me to…

C. Writer’s block and its contemptible behavior (Right now it’s running around throwing all my things on the floor and laughing mercilessly. Oh, wait. That’s my children).

D. Harnessing the imagination

E. Creating curious alphabetized lists with seemingly random list items

F. Rambling on and on when the post has obviously played itself out

G. I promise you, this is the last you’ll hear from me on this subject

Aaaaaand scene.

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