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about me

I'm a graduate of the MFA program in Writing with a concentration in Fiction at the University of New Hampshire. I am a member of the New Hampshire Writers' Project, and won the Dawkins Prize at the University of New Hampshire. My work has been published in The Good Life Review, Epiphany, and Ginosko Literary Magazine. I was included in a pulp fiction anthology entitled "Murder Ink 3.”


I’ve recently completed two novels, a short story collection, and a poetry collection. I’m currently at work on another novel.

Writing, for me, is part staring into space, part napping, and part surrendering to the gods of inhibition. A certain amount of ridiculousness is also essential. The stranger, the better. And the somewhat stubborn use of the Oxford comma.

I try to keep close to my clown.

"The clown is different. The clown gets up before an audience and risks letting whatever is inside seep out—just as patients in psychoanalysis free-associate and let their thoughts go wherever the mind takes them. While the analyst searches for the true self by way of material that reveals the unconscious, the actor in clown school seeks to discover it by way of their spontaneous expressions. These processes are similar to what philosopher Martin Heidegger termed alêtheia, or truth as unconcealment. The clearest expression I’ve heard of alêtheia came years ago, when I overheard my then three-year-old daughter call someone beautiful. I asked, 'What does beautiful mean?’ Still close to her clown, she replied, 'Beautiful means most self.'” 

-Nuar Alsadir

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